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Fantastic fist issue.  Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology is a showcase of the exciting new characters and stories of the Triad Comics Universe.  This issue features three self contained stories from characters or events from each of the forthcoming Triad flagship titles: Wolves: Shadowdog Troops, Faction, and Dominion: At World's End.

Join the Wolves, a clandestine paramilitary force, on stealth mission into hostile territory of a despotic totalitarian regime in "Color Revolution."
Follow the story of drama and betrayal in the primitive, but noble, land of the Shire in "Exile."
Witness as Draxxus creates his ultimate weapon in "Resurrection."  Will he liberate the world, or conquer it?

Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology features a glossy 70lb paper cover, 28 glossy finish interior pages, with 21 story pages, with addition promotional art and back-matter.

Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology Issue #1, Vol.1

SKU: 0001
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