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We are Triad!


Triad Comics Studios is a burgeoning creative force in independent comics publication, dedicated to bringing you highest quality, original concepts and storytelling, with exquisite illustration and rendering.


Established in 1996 through the creative efforts of co-founders: Telly Watkins, Bruce Morgan and Jody Lawson, Triad Studios has honed its craft, weaving lifetimes of experience in and around the comics industry with their own unique predilection to bring forth a myriad of exciting, original intellectual properties in a cohesive comics universe.

With nearly two decades of collaboration and refinement behind us we are now gearing up for national publication in 2015, with the release of our flagship titles: "Dominion: World Without End", "Wolves", and "Faction", as well as, "The Dark Game" maxi-series event, and Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology.

Join with us in our efforts to make 2015 the year of Triad!


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