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We Are Triad!


It began in 1990, in a suburban highschool, on the edge of the urban sprawl of Washington D.C.  Three young adults, searching for our places in the world were brought together by circumstance, and united by a common interest. Comics!


It was an exciting time to be a spectator to the industry. Supermen died, backs were broken, the sons of midnight rode, and the song of the executioner played on in the pages of our obsession, while, valiantly, new images of independent comics were born onto the scene.  We were inspired. Each of us aspiring artists in our own right, some with pencils and others with words, were lit by the new “can-do” zeitgeist that had captured the industry, and we knew, we too, had stories to tell.


By 1996 the decision had been made that we would make comics, and we would 

make them together.  Since it started with with three of us, naturally, we chose a name that would represent us, equal and individual, but part of a greater whole, and Triad Comics Studios was born.  Our, logo, two crossed axes, and a single spear struck between them, joined seamlessly, became an aegis of unity, solidarity and commitment.


We entered this endeavor, so long ago, with equal portions of ambition and naivete’, and the proverbial gulf between conception and execution is wide, but that commitment and solidarity carried us across the reach to here. There were missteps and occasional stalls along the way...We found careers...Made families. Despite how far it seemed at times, we never lost sight of our goal, and the Triad family was always there to stoke the fire within when it had fallen to embers. What we knew, we practiced.  What we didn’t know, we learned.  We have never forgotten where we came from, never failed to learn a lesson from where we are, and we have even made new, talented freinds along the way that have joined us. The “Triad way” isn’t just about three anymore, or maybe it never was, it’s about all of us, and each of us...including you.


The Triad Comics Studios’ goal isn’t to change the face of modern comics, or 

revolutionize the industry; we started making comics because we loved them as much as you do.  In our stable of properties we have some familiar artchetypes and wholly original characters, imaginative new worlds and inventive twists on well-worn ones.We offer diversity, and a fresh perspective to a medium that has room for both, not because that’s our hook, but because we are that diversity, and always have been.  No matter what the subject matter our commitment remains the same, brining you a complete package of exquisite art, thoughtful storytelling and highest quality presentation possible.  Delivering more “good” and less “gimmick” than has become so common, and this is only the beginning.

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