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Telly Watkins


Telly Watkins was born in Washington, D.C., has been drawing since before he learned to write, and distinctly recalls tracing the art from comics his parents would buy him from 7-11 spinner racks.  The industry has always held an important place for him, because he can recall a childhood filled with fond memories of comics, toys, cartoons and video games.  He had always taken the idea of comics art, as a profession, seriously, doing numerous submissions over the years, but never considered independent pulication until he met his Triad co-founders in the late 1990’s.  After highschool, Telly was accepted to the Kubert School, but opted to attend Howard Univerity on an  art scholarship, awarded after a portfolio submission.   Since school, he has worked in comic book retail, in print at a local newspaper, and in several permutations of sales and management, which, he admits, has taught him several lessons in accuracy, deadlines, marketing, and leadership.


“I am humbled, thankful and blessed.  I am so excited to bring you a new brand of entertainment that I had a hand in creating with the most talented group of guys ever.”


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