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Jody Lawson


Jody Lawson was born in Washington, D.C.  and grew up in the surrounding suburbs, where he met the rest of his Triad co-founders in his later school years.   He had always loved drawing superheroes when he was younger, but as he grew he became more captivated by the stories and drama of comics, which still holds true.  Jody has been doing creative writing in the form of poetry, short prose, and an, as yet, unfinished novel, as well as, professional technical writing, but is excited to finally see his first comics work in print. He has been carrying the torch for comics for over 30 years, as a reader, former comics retailer, and even did his bachelors degree research thesis on the history of comics, and the social, cultural and educational benefits to comics readership. He has been working as a colorist for much of the early Triad catalogue, has been practicing for less than 5 years, is self taught in digital coloring, but admits there is alot more to learn.


Jody Lawson is a U.S. Navy Veteran, degreed electrical engineer,

and is currently working in the defense electronics industry in addition to 

his contribution to Triad Comics Studios.

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