top of page Interview @ Flashback: Comics & Games in Woodbridge, VA.

Triad Comics Studios creators Telly Watkins and Jody Lawson interviewed by Kevin and Troy-David for podcast at Flashback: Comics & Games in Woodbridge, VA.

The interview focuses primarily on the content of our innaugural title, Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology, where we explain briefly the Wolves: Shadowdog Troops, Shire and Sabertron/Draxxus stories, and how they relate to the Triad Universe going forward.

Additionally, we discuss where we are going from here, and what and when can you can expect from Triad in the near future...the next issue of Canon, primer issue for each flagship title, Wolves: Shadowdog Troops, Dominion: At World's End, and Faction, as well as, the Darkgame crossover maxi-series.

Kevin and Troy-David were amazing hosts, and we had alot of fun with this interview. If you like what you see here please show them some appreciation and visit their websites and, or check them out on Facebook and let them now what you think @ or

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