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Four Guys & A Comic Podcast Interview

Four Guys & A Comic Issue #7.1

Triad Comics Studios creators Telly Watkins and Jody Lawson interview with Red Skull on Four Guys & A Comic podcast.

In this interview we speak in brief about the individual stories in Canon: A Triad Comics Anthology #1, giving more background to the Wolves: Shadowdog Troops and Shire stories, as well as, a hint of what is to come in Faction.

We also outlined the delivery schedule for our forthcoming titles, our thoughts on the possibility of variant covers, and our interest in bringing on new talent.

Additionally, we discussed other creators who inspire us in our work, had a few brief thoughts on the status quo of the industry, and share our feelings on our fellow Triad creators, Bruce Morgan and James Hale.

This was a phenoenal interview! We had a lot of fun, and delved pretty deep into many things Triad and non-Triad. Give it a listen for us, and if you like what you hear log in and tell them what you think @ or go to

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